Friday, 12 August 2005

what I'm doing...

Well things are moving along on all my projects. I wish I could take pictures, but mama left the digital camera in a restaurant, where it was taken. Curses! It's back to film and taking far to long to get it developed for me.

I have relatively good concepts for roughly half of my CIP songs (about 100 of them) and I just have to decide on the page layouts and execute the 70 I haven't done (yes 70 ). The other ones are going to be harder. I hate praise songs. They do not lend themselves to anything as the interesting imagery of Bob's own songs do. And they aren't as good of songs. So there. I'd love to get it done before they finish the final tour though.

I am also finally working on the Hammerquilt! My jar of rust has finally been put to good use and with the help of fusible interfacing, I finished the completely silk top. I wish I could post a pic, it does look lovely. Only one minor mishap of ironing it to the design wall... Here is the original piece that Reed (hammerquill) did in metal. Both he and his father do stunning work.

I have also become totally enamoured of this coat (which was in the film A Series of Unfortunate Events). I already have an army greatcoat, not dis-similar, but I am hoping to make this one a bit lighter-the army coat weighs 10 pounds and has a very hot quilted lining in it. It is also double breasted. Ah well just another thing to make. I always have at least 10 projects going at once-and I wouldn't have it otherwise.

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