Saturday, 25 June 2005


The latest entry in my CIP project. I had a sketchy idea of what I wanted to do, but it didn't really crystalize until I stumbled across the beautiful pieces at Hebrew Art. I fell in love with them! No mine is not nearly as lovely as those. I use the fact that I have no professional training as an excuse. It's not my fault! I do want to buy that artist's calendar now. So pretty.

The background is based mostly on two lines:

Adonai master of the earth and sky (hense earth and sky-duh) and

When the storms surround me speak the word that they will be still.

They were the only two lines that kept running though my head as I did it!

I had some problems with the masking fluid (simply not proficient with that stuff yet!) but over all it turned out okay. Better than I thought it would half-way through, that's for sure.
Not perfect, but I do like it very much.

I'm so glad this one turned out okay; this was my favorite song to sing. :)

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