Tuesday, 9 November 2004


Since it has come to my attention that several people are now creating creepy secret shrines to me, (as per N'ness) and that they will soon be churned out enmasse like cheesewheels and cotton underwear by the lovely Walmart, I feel I should post some ground rules for the Cult of lemur.

Eat Bannock everyday. No love for bannock means no love for Lemur. Anyone who would dare tread upon the sacred nature of bannock is a heretic, and is hereby anathematized.

Never keep other people's mail art for a really long time, and then drop of the face of the earth. This will get you a long stint in purgatory.

Hijack other sites and threads to delare your love aliegance to lemur whenever possible. You will gain extra indulgences to give away.

Absolutely under no circumstances should one describe the eyes of the lemur as b**dy. This is the most dastardly type of blasphemy and will be subject to severe punishment

Okay those are the vital ones, I will think of more later.

Oh yes and thunderstorm-19 is hereby the first bishop of lemuism.
As you all know prophets are always freaky outcasts therefore larrissa is gifted as the prophet. Heheh.


PrincessEvilina said...

I'm blogrolling you so I can read you somewhat regularly. :)
P.E. aka Meika

Char said...

Only do it when you're really tired but can't sleep. I'll put you under....:)